AB CITY TOUR - Melexy Kraków Zwiedzanie Krakowa Melexem w 26 językach Wycieczki po Krakowie
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AB CITY TOUR is celebrating its 19th birthday this year, therefore instead of writing about us we would like to thank the following persons:

Our Clients, over 100 000 of whom has taken advantage of our services, we would like to thank that You are with us that You recommend us to your friends, as well as that you are helping us develop via the submission of your remarks.

Our team of dedicated employees – almost 100 people every year works hard, so that your trip is smooth and spent in a pleasant atmosphere.

Our business partners – with many of whom we have been co-operating for many years, thank you for your trust and we promise that we will still devote our utmost attention to professionalism, taking proper care for all our clients to be treated as exceptional VIPs.

Special words of kind thanks to Mr. Paweł Gąsior, who has been with the company from the very beginning, for all of the replaced axes, wheels and proper utmost care of the equipment and making sure that it is completely operational even in the most difficult conditions.

Thank You!


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