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For those of You who still had not had the opportunity to get acquainted with our services we have prepared a one of a kind guide which in a possibly most accurate manner illustrates the specifics of the offered trips.

Answers to most frequently asked questions may be found within the FAQ section.

If You already know our offer, click the TOURS section at the to of the page, in order to choose and book trips.

What does the AB CITY TOUR sightseeing trip look like?

In an attempt to offer utmost comfort possible we have introduced free of charge pick ups from any desired location of the Old Town or the Kazimierz district, and as of now You are able to start your trip from being collected from any desired hotel, restaurant where you should be having lunch or any other convenient location. Our driver shall drive through the specially chosen path so that you are able, in shortest possible time, get to know and visit as many as possible interesting locations in the city of Cracow.

Our professional guides have prepared information which are passed over to you in the form of an audio guide during the time of your passage, whereas native speakers have offered their voices within various foreign language versions, which at  the time amount to as many as 26 various language versions. If You are keen on entering the given location or take a picture just mention it to our driver. Upon the completed trip our driver will drive You to the chosen Old Town or any other location in Kazimierz district (which is FREE OF CHARGE!), so that You are able to return to the most interesting locations and sightsee them thoroughly spending as much time as You wish.

Who are our trips addressed to?

Our trips are addressed to every person who in a nice and pleasant atmosphere wishes to get to now the city, and especially to:

  • Those of You who have little time to sightsee, but are willing to make the most out of it
    • Those of You who have just come to Cracow and are willing to get to know all of the interesting locations so that to be able to spend more time on visiting specific locations of their particular interest within the upcoming days
  • For those of You who do not want or for any health oriented reasons are unable to walk too much
    • For those of You to be unfortunate enough to visit Cracow in times of bad weather, all our vehicles are fitted with rain and wind protections, which allows to comfortably sightsee even in unfavourable atmospheric conditions

• For those of You who are having a problem to find a guide (high cost, lack of availability of a guide speaking Your language)

Why is it worth to take up the opportunity to choose from the choice of available trips?

  • Experience and professionalism, 22 years of activity has allowed us to develop and be able to learn a lot, therefore we are a company the professionalism of whom You can rely on either on your own or with an organised group

• Qualified employees, every our employee goes through a week long training completed with an exam, the fact that guarantees that You will surely be well taken care of
• We possesses 26 language versions, so that our clients are able to listen and enjoy information about the city of Cracow in their native language
• Each trip is individual, the fact that means that You do not travel with strangers!
• You are given the possibility to start sightseeing at any time You like. We do not impose any rigid start times, so that we are more flexible to fit into your day plan.
• We also own retro style electricity powered vehicles as well as standard Melex vehicles, thus allowing to offer transportation for as many as 200 people
• We offer the guarantee in case of any break downs or power failures, electricity powered vehicle, as any other, may sometimes lose power supply, puncture a tire or simply break down, therefore we always provide a reserve vehicle so that in the case of occurrence of any of the aforementioned situations to be able to immediately provide the new means of transport, therefore taking advantage of our services You shall always feel safe
• We offer the possibility to extend your trip, by adding only of the difference in price
• The broad assortment of standard trips as well as the possibility to order own path or take advantage of own guide

How to order a trip?

  • click the section entitled TOURS at the top of the page
    • choose the trip of your interest, 
    • fill in the application form

When you pay on-line you pay less.

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