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If You are willing to take advantage of our Partnership Programme or if You have your own idea for our co-operation, write to us info@abcitytour.pl or call us at +48 509 085 070

We provide You with the guarantee that we will seriously consider every proposal.




What is the main principle of the programme?

Our Partner offers our services via his own sales channels (both traditional as well as internet based), and receives commission from the every completed transaction.


Who is the Partnership Programme addressed to?

The Partnership Programme is dedicated to the following type of entities:



tourist agencies

tourist offices and sales representatives

event agencies (as well as broadly understood MICE)

tourist guides as well as guides and excursion and trip pilots


Why is it worth to participate within AB CITY TOUR Partnership Programme?


We possesses multi-year experience the fact that causes us to be the reliable an profession partner in business

Our equipment park allows for the safe servicing of groups up to 200 individuals

In the case of larger groups we always appoint project co-ordinator and ensure reserve vehicles in the case of occurrence of any unforeseen occurrences of force majeure (puncture tire, accumulator break down, etc.)

Free of charge client pick-up from the any desired location of the Old Town and Kazimierz

Within our offer we also offer traditional vehicles as well as retro type of vehicles and 13 person electricity powered busses, the fact that allows us to adjust the required vehicles to the needs of the particular group or individual client

Individual clients always receive fixed price, therefore if You prepare the offer to the client You do not have to worry that he shall get a lower price if he directly turns to us

Our drivers undergo a week look training programme completed with an exam, in order to be able to ensure permanent, high quality of our services

We offer complete marketing support from leaflets as well as POS materials up to advertisement texts for the internet website, we are also able to provide tickets for our trips

By adding our services to your offer of services, you ensure your clients with an additional attraction and you generate additional profit



We hope to initiate fruitful co-operation!

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