AB CITY TOUR - Melexy Kraków Zwiedzanie Krakowa Melexem w 26 językach Wycieczki po Krakowie
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For more than 10 years our vehicles have been on numerous occasions take advantage in various types of events, with time we are certain that imagination constitutes the only limit.

We invite and encourage You to take advantage of our ecological vehicles in the process of your own event organisation, or in the case of conference organisation.

Some of the applications of our vehicles:

* City games – a few hour scenario game, may be risky if the age and the condition of all participants is unknown. Application of electricity powered vehicles enables for the unrestrained moving around the centre of the city, regardless of current weather, or participant tempo, in additional it helps to exactly plan the whole time needed for the execution of the game the fact that is of significant importance in the case of a busy schedule.

* Trade Fairs – in the case of large trade fair events which take place upon a larger area, our vehicles may be applied in the process of transport of the guests visiting your exhibition as well as it may also be applied for the needs of mobile external advertisement combined with an audio feature, which is audible to other visitors or participants (more on the topic within the section entitled ADVERTISING)

* Stag Nights and Hen Parties – night clubbing in the assist of our driver as well as your favourite music shall surely remain remembered by all participants.

* Workplace (factory) presentations – in the case of a vast terrain upon which the given factory or manufacturing plant is located may be visited with the application of our vehicle (an excellent idea for open door days or shareholder presentations), we have already rendered such services, amongst others for the company of Indesit Polska

* Opening of the new restaurant, cinema or a shop – may constitute an interesting way of promoting the venue, i.e hostesses riding in our vehicles who inform the passersby about the event and at the same time offer the action in the form of the free of charge lift to the restaurant or cinema, the fact that may directly translate to sales volumes.

* Application of standard trips as the ‘artistic’ part of various congresses or conferences, vehicles in a convenient manner allow to show around the city and allow all clients top get back at a particular time to the desired location (a restaurant, a hotel or a conference hall). The main advantages for organisers: being independent of the weather, physical condition of all participants, easy to be foreseen time of visit/sightseeing, 26 language versions (better adjustment to participant capabilities and preferences), organisation easiness (a single contact), reserve vehicles as well as persons supervising the group included within the price of the given service

For event type of agencies as well as conference and congress offices we offer attractive price discounts.

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