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Reservation system – an Internet website under the following address: www.abcitytour.pl along with an on-line reservation panel.
Application form – an electronic document of standard character, which constitutes the available form of execution of a booking.
AB CITY TOUR, ul. Kościuszki 49, 30-114 Cracow, NIP: 553-108-01-12
Client – a natural or a legal person who possesses complete capability for the execution of legal activities in the understanding of the provisions of the civil code, or any other person who does not posses a legal entity who may be, upon the basis of the separate provisions of the law an entity of rights and responsibilities, who takes advantage of the system in order to book a hotel service.
On-line booking – reservation of an on-line service executed in real time via the Booking System.
No show – unused service by the Client without any prior notice of cancellation or termination.
Administrator – the administrator of personal data of persons who execute booking and reservations is the company of AB CITY TOUR, ul. Kościuszki 49, 30-114 Cracow, NIP: 553-108-01-12

Booking and Reservation
1. The Client executes booking within the System via the completion and submission of an Application form to be found upon the following internet website www.abcitytour.pl.
2. AB CITY TOUR does not bear any responsibility for the lack of access to the Online Booking System for any reasons not remaining within the responsibility of the company. AB CITY TOUR may suspend access to the Booking System should it turn out to be necessary for the needs of removal of the spotted damages or faults, threats or any other irregularities as well as for other safety reasons.
3. In the process of booking the Client is obliged to properly complete the Application Form. AB CITY TOUR does not bear any responsibility for the non-executed services subject to the improper filling in by the Client of the Application Form or for any reasons of the provisions within the Application Form of incorrect, incomplete or false data, including improper email address.
4.A Client who has correctly completed an application form receives booking confirmation to the provided within the Application Form email address.
5. The process of booking is considered to be effective and obligatory from the moment of submission to the Client of the confirmation of the incoming payment executed with the application of a credit card, a wire transfer or a post transfer to the provided, in the process of the execution of the process of booking AB CITY TOUR DotPay account. The confirmation of the receiving of payment includes:
a) a booking number
b) transaction number within the DotPay system
c) Client name and surname
d) telephone
e) email
f) date of the planned execution of the booked service
g) number of persons
h) visitors’ language
i) total reservation cost
j) any potential data indispensable in the process of issuing of VAT invoice
In the case of the execution of booking activities without the completion of the proper process of payment execution and registration, AB CITY TOUR reserves the right to terminate the whole transaction.
6. The indispensable condition that has to be met in order for the Client to receive the confirmation of the placed reservation/booking is the proper completion of the reservation application form as well as the provision of the proper email address. The confirmation of the placement of a booking/reservation along with the confirmation of the approval of payment to the Dotpay account which shall be sent automatically by the Reservation System to the provided email address.
7. All of the reservations effectively executed within the Reservation System are guaranteed which means that the reserved service shall be maintained for the given Client until the end of the determined period of time. In the case of no show the Client shall be obliged o cover the whole cost of cancellation of the placed reservation.

1. Upon approval if the provisions of the Regulations, completion of reservation Application Form as well as upon the presentation by the System of the calculation of process for the placed reservation, the Client has the possibility to execute the reservation with the application of catalogue or promotional prices (in accordance with the principles of reservation in detail determined within the conditions of promotion, which has been chosen by the Client).
2. All of the payments are to be executed with the application of: a credit card, a wire transfer or a postal money transfer.
3. Upon choosing of the method of payment the Client is directed to the page of safe DotPay payments. All of the detailed conditions of payment which are executed through DotPay system are to be found upon a website available under the following address: www.dotpay.pl.   
4. At the every phase the Client is informed with the application of the email about the status of the placed payment as well as about the status of the placed reservation.
5. The placed reservation binds the company of AB CITY TOUR as well as the Client from the moment of the receiving of the confirmation of the approval of the payment for the benefit of the Operator upon the DotPay account.
6. For any services which have not been encompassed with the placed order (for instance for: additional accommodation, catering services, etc.), the due amount has to be settled on site by the person or entity which places a Reservation. The Polish Zloty (PLN) is the currency of payment. All of the prices presented with the application of EUR and USD are calculated with the application of the currency exchange are obligatory on the given day. Any differences subject to the executed payment may stem from differences in currency exchange rates of the given transaction executed by the credit card service centre of the entity placing a reservation or by the bank of the entity placing a reservation.

1. Cancellation executed with the application of the System may be terminated solely and only via the direct contact with AB CITY TOUR, with the application of telephone or an email along with the provision of the booking number as well as Client’s data. The process of cancellation is only effective when it is confirmed by AB CITY TOUR. AB CITY TOUR  shall confirm the cancellation of the prior placed booking immediately upon its approval.
2. The process of cancellation shall not generate any costs if it is executed at least 3 full days before the date of the planned event.
3. In the case of a cancellation after the deadline mentioned within the previous point, i.e. point number 2, the Client shall settle the cost equal to the 30% of the placed order value.
4. In the case of the termination of the given booking with the maintaining of the deadline enumerated within point 2 the due amount shall be returned with the application of a bank transfer to Client’s bank account.
5. The conditions of cancellation executed with the application of the System, in accordance to the special offer, are determined within the conditions of the given special offer.
6. In the case of no show the Client shall cover all of the costs stemming from the reserved service.

Special Offers
1. Non Refundable Special Offer, is available within the chosen deadline, and its execution is connected to the lowered price for the given service as to the resignation of a Client from the possibility of cancellation of the booking or the change of the planned time of execution of the service. Taking advantage of the special Non Refundable offer means the purchase of the particular service at the particular time without the possibility of further cancellation of the service.

AB CITY TOUR Responsibility

1. AB CITY TOUR is obliged to execute its services which stem from the placed reservation with due diligence and utmost care. Should the execution of services shall turn out to be impossible for any reasons which remain with AB CITY TOUR, the company shall do its best to ensure for a different entity to execute the booked service, which renders similar services, whereas the Client shall be immediately notified about such fact by the Hotel.
2. In the case of the occurrence of Force Majeure, which shall not remain within the scope of responsibility of any of the Sides, such as natural disasters, catastrophes, war, strikes as well as any other situations of extraordinary character which shall make it impossible for the execution of the ordered service, the Operator is relived from the approved responsibility and doe not bear any responsibility subject to the non-execution of the service.


1. Any complaints which are to be placed with regard the services rendered by AB CITY TOUR, are to be submitted by the Client directly within AB CITY TOUR, the fact that shall make it possible for the undertaking of activities aimed at the removal of any potential divergences from the provisions of the concluded agreement.

Personal Data

The person who executes reservations from the Internet website of www.abcitytour.pl agrees for the placement of his or her personal data within Administrator’s database. All of the data shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Act dated 29th August 1997 on personal data protection Act in order to execute the reservation, execution of the provisions of the concluded agreement, issuance of invoices, bills or conveyance of financial reporting system as well as for any marketing needs. The person who executes a reservation has the right to verify and modify the gathered data, as well as the right to demand for their processing.

Confirmation of the conditions of reservation within the Internet
The Client approves the conditions of reservation by choosing of the option “I agree” the fact which means that he has got acquainted to the provisions of the hereinafter Regulations, that he understands and approves its conditions and provisions and that he is aware of the consequences stemming from the concluded agreement.

Final provisions
1. The reservation regulations has been created in accordance with the provisions of the Polish law. Any claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the court proper for the legal seat of the company of AB CITY TOUR.
2. AB CITY TOUR reserves the right to change the provisions of the hereinafter Regulations.

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